Hawkins Clock Company - Exterior Clocks and Features


At Hawkins Clock Company we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing all manner of Exterior and Outdoor Clocks, Clocktowers and Weathervanes.

Our high quality finish GRP clock dials are generally hand finished with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf detailing. Each of our clocks comes fitted with our own high torque mains powered mechanism. To ensure ease of operation and accurate time keeping we also offer a range of clock control systems.

Exterior and Outdoor Clocks by Hawkins Clock Company

The information below should enable most people to design which clock configuration best meets their needs.



Any of our standard exterior clock dial designs can be customised using bespoke colours and hand styles or with the addition of graphics and corporate branding.

Where customers require something a little different we offer a complete design and build service for bespoke exterior and interior clocks, using not only non standard chapter, hand and dial designs but also using alternative materials such as glass, marble and stainless steel.

Bespoke Outdoor Clocks by Hawkins Clock Company
Installation of Turret and Tower Clocks


Our Classic and Heritage style exterior and outdoor clocks have been designed to be surface mounted as standard and as such they are easy to install with generally four fixings through the face of the dial at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions.

Our Skeleton style exterior clock dials require an opening behind the dial for the mechanism to be located or a housing to mount the clock in.

We also offer a wide range of decorative features on which our Exterior Clocks can be mounted including, Bezel Clocks, Clock Plinths, Drum Clocks, Pillar Clocks, Roof Turrets and Clock Towers.