Pillar clock featuring the berkley pillar clock





Pillar clock
Pillar clock

Berkley Pillar Clock with four rear-illuminated dials, bespoke castings and crest.
Pillar clocks are an imposing feature; they create a focal point in any landscape and are ideally suited to a civic location. Based on a Victorian design, the Berkley is the most decorative of the five basic designs and can be customised with bespoke castings and individual paint schemes to produce a unique timepiece. The Berkley has a lockable integral cabinet containing all the controls and is a durable clock, able to withstand the harsh treatment of public life.

Standard Designs

Berkley - as shown. Cavendish - double sided pillar clock, with cast iron plinth detail. Portman - double sided clock, with cover glasses, cast aluminium plinth detail. Bloomsbury - ornate, victorian arched design in cast aluminium, double sided clock. Saturn - contemporary sleek design in brushed stainless steel, double sided clock.

Standard sizes

Variable height up to 6m, with 60cm diameter clock faces as standard.


Radio controlled movements, power failure correction device and chimes available.