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Large clock tower


GRP allows architects and designers to push product designs further than they could with traditional materials, to create bespoke GRP features and GRP.

The benefits to contract are that GRP structures are lighter in weight than those they are replacing and are virtually maintenance free.

Repeated designs can be produced again and again with ease.

Replica and bespoke clock towers and roof features


GRP is light weight, making it the idea solution for both new installations and for replicating old timber, stone and lead structures


GRP is virtually maintenance free, requiring only periodic cleaning with sugar soap water as colours are generally impregnated in to it


GRP is a cost effective alternative to using original materials. Timber grain, as well as natural looking metal and patina finishes can be produced


GRP's lightweight properties make it easy to install and reduces the loading on the building, making it idea for old and listed properties


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