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Pillar clocks
Bespoke feature clocks


Not only are we renowned for producing large exterior wall clocks, we also produce a range of housings to display and mount our Outdoor Clocks in too.

Plinths to surround the dials, single sided Bezels, Projecting brackets with double sided Drum Clocks and Two, Three and Four sided Post Mounted Clock Features create a striking visual presence wherever they are installed.

Plinths for mounting exterior clocks

Display plinths​ enhance the appearance of a clock, where the clock alone would not be suitable. The 'Star Plinth' shown here is a feature in itself and can be used with various size clocks. The 'Square Plinth' can be used on its own or can be further enhanced with part roof and base mouldings if required.

Bezels for housing exterior clocks on the surface of buildings, schools. village and town halls

We offer a range of single sided bezel clock surrounds that enable a dial, mechanism and back illumination to be surface mounted on any structure or wall. Our clock bezels come in black as standard but can be matched to any BS or RAL reference if required. They can be fitted with any of our standard clock dial designs or a bespoke clock dial.

Projecting drums for housing exterior clocks on funeral directors and parlours, estate agents and civic buildings

Our drum clocks are engineered to give an excellent finish and longevity. Brackets can be projecting or hanging style and are always treated and painted to avoid corrosion, with the dials and dial boxes manufactured to look magnificent for years to come. Our modern movements and state of the art controllers give all the benefits available to all our other Hawkins products, but in a style of clock that gets the maximum of impact in the most crowded of streets.

Double and Four sided housings, pillar and post mounted clocks for town and village centres

We offer a range of two, three and four sided pillar clock designs that can be used with any of our standard clock dial designs. Each feature is supplied with one of our clock control systems to carry out automated time changes and power failure adjustments. Our standard designs can be customised with bespoke dials, internal illumination, bell chimes, logos, etc.. to enhance its appearance. Plaques can also be added to commemorate a date, person or list of donators.


Installation of our outdoor clock features is often more complex than our standard exterior clock dial installations, however due to the level of detail we put in to producing our products with end-user installation in mind, it is still possible for electricians, contractors and clients to complete the installations. Where requested our engineers can attend site to complete the final installation and commissioning of the clock(s) or be on hand to offer telephone support.

Please note that we do not get involved with any ground works or electrical installations.

Installing a pillar clock
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