Below are a few on the questions we get asked regularly about our Exterior and Outdoor Clocks, Roof Turrets, Clock Towers and Weathervanes. If you cannot see the question you need answering then please call us on 01733 330222 or email

Frequently asked questions

What size exterior / outdoor clock should I order?

Choosing the right clock can be difficult because what looks to be a big clock at ground level right in front of your eyes, will look completely different when up on your building. The attached guide has been produced to give you some help in choosing, however if you are unsure we would always recommend speaking with one of our advisors before ordering by calling 01733 330222. It is often helpful for our advidors to see some images of the anticipated clock location so please email these to

How are time changes and power failures dealt with?

Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter App Settings
  2. Click the "Manage Questions" button
  3. Click on the question you would like to attach a picture to
  4. When editing your answer, click on the picture icon and then add an image from your library

Can I personalise my clock?

All of our clocks can be personalised one way or another be it a simple name or date on the dial to corporate branding, bespoke colours, shapes and hour markers. Simply send us the details of what you require either written in an email, a sketch or full electronic artwork and we will make your ideas and concepts a reality. Acceptable file type: CDR, Ai, EPS, PSD, DXF, DWG. JPG, TIFF and BMP if they are high resolution images.

How are our exterior / outdoor clocks powered?

Most of our clocks run off a 230v standard mains supply and unless specified our clocks come with a pre-fitted standard UK mains plug. If you opt for our self adjusting Master Clock Control System this is supplied with a 12v switch mode power supply enabling it to be installed anywhere in the world.

Can my clock be illuminated even though its outdoors?

As standard only our Skeleton dials can be illuminated from the rear however replicas of our other styles can be produced in acrylic so that they too can be illuminated, albeit if you chose a coloured background for your dial this may vary slightly from our standard dial colours. Standard LED illumination is supplied in Warm White, however where requested this can be upgraded to Cool White or even RGB colour changing for an additional cost.

Do Hawkins Clock Company have to install their exterior / outdoor clocks?

No. All of our products have been designed and manufactured with end user installation in mind and as such most competent DIY enthusiasts, Electricians and Contractors already on site should be capable of installing our clocks.

Our team of engineers are always on hand to offer advice or complete installations where necessary.


FAQ's - Roof Turrets / Clocktowers

How do I order my Roof Turret / Clocktower?

To order your Roof Turret or Clocktower simply choose the size you require. decide on whether you would like any clocks fitting to it and if you would like a finial or weathervane to top it off. Phone your order through to one of our sales advisors on 01733 330222 or email, we will check through your order and then send you confirmation paperwork for you to double check.

Which size roof turret / clocktower shall I order?

Roof Turret, Clocktower or Cupola, it doesnt matter what you call it its all but the same thing. We produce ours in seven different sizes. If you are not sure which would suit your building either call and speak to one of our advisors or email details of your project to enquiries@hawkinsclocks,

Do the louvres on the roof turrets and clocktowers work?

As standard the louvred sides are dummy grp louvres made to look like real louvres. If you would like to vent fresh air through the louvres then we can router slots to provide some free air movement or alternatively the grp sides can be replaced with Aluminium ventilation louvres if required for more substantial venting.

How do I install a Roof Turret or Clocktower

All of our Roof Turrets and Clocktowers require a timber subframe to which they are bolted down to during installation. The timber subframe needs to be created by a roofer as it forms an integral part of your roof and will need waterproofing too, generally with Lead. See our installation guide for further help.

Do you only offer this design of roof turret?

As standard we produce this one design however not only have we amassed lots of moulds over the years that can be offered too, including arched louvre panels, hexagonal and octagonal designs, we also have the ability to produce bespoke designs too. Simply send us your requirements and we will price it for you.

Can I add a clock to my roof turret to make it a clocktower?

Yes, you can add one, two, three or four clocks to your Roof Turret from any of our standard ranges of exterior clocks or a bespoke design to suit your requirements. To ensure they are virtually maintenance free we also provide a range of control systems to complete automated time changes and power failures.


FAQ's - Weathervanes

What are the weathervanes made from?

We offer a varied range of weathervanes, which include Three Dimensional Verdigris Real Copper and Copper Effect Aluminium, as well as silhouette Steel and Stainless Steel designs.

What if I cant see a weathervane design I like?

We offer a complete bespoke made to order service, producing anything from stills from movies, such as 'War of the Worlds' to silhouettes of your favourite pet be it a cat, mouse, dog or horse.

Can the weathervanes be finished with gold leaf?

Yes, any of our designs can be made to really stand out and shine by having the weathervane either partially or fully gilded with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf.

How do I fit a Hawkins Clock Company weathervane?

We offer a range of installation kits that makes it possible to fit a weathervane in virtually any location and if you dont have somewhere to put one, what better place than on top of one of our Roof Turrets or Clocktowers!



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