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At Hawkins Clock Company we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing all manner of External Clocks, Roof Turrets, Clocktowers and Weathervanes.

Clock Tower manufacturer


Drawing on skills and knowledge gleaned over the last 30 years we offer impartial advice as to what if any of our products or concepts would suit your building or project.

We use the latest CAD and 3D modeling software to produce striking visual concepts where required, as well as producing mock-ups as and when a project requires it.



In our purpose built factory we are able to pull together a wealth of expertise from GRP lamintating to metal fabrication and from manual engineering skills to the latest CNC machining, including waterjet and laser cutting.

Whenever possible we try to ensure that every element of your product for your project is manufactured in-house.



All of our products have been carefully designed with end user installation in mind and as such most installations can be completed by those already on site, be it a customer with practical skills or an electrician or contractor.

Where required we do offer an installation service albeit this still does often require input from local contractors for power supplies, concrete bases, access etc.



Maintenance and restoration is a key element of the services that we offer and this could range from a simple replacement motor and gearbox unit to a full overhaul of your clock including the mechanism, controller and housing.

Replicas of originals can be produced by means of digitising photos of the clock and converting them into CAD CAM files.


Detailing using 23 1/2 carat gold leaf can also be replaced by our in-house experts.

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