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Our Skeleton dial comes in eight standard dial diameters

18"   24"   30"   36"   42"   48"   54"   72"

Our Skeleton dials are produced in Black Acrylic with an Opal Acrylic backing, making them ideal for back illuminating.

Each of our clocks comes fitted with our own high torque mains powered mechanism.


To ensure ease of operation and accurate time keeping we also offer a range of clock control systems.

Skeleton exterior clock
Skeleton exterior clock


Where required our Skeleton Dials can be customised to suit your tastes and needs


  • 23 1/2 carat gold leaf detailing can be added to the outer rings

  • Dials can be supplied open backed so the wall behind can show through

  • Alternative materials can be used, including: Brass, Slate and Stainless Steel

  • Bespoke numeral and ring designs can be created

  • Corporate branding and inscriptions can be added to the dial backing


Skeleton exterior clock

Skeleton Style Clock Dial 

Our Skelton Dials are produced in acrylic and available with or without a backing

  • Standard dial diameters - 18"   24"   30"   36"   42"   48"   54"   72"

  • Bespoke sizes can be produced

Skeleton exterior clock with back illumination

Skeleton Style Clock Dial - Illuminated

Our Skeleton dial when backed with opal acrylic can be illuminated from behind 

  • LED lighting available in warm white, daylight white or multicolour changing

  • Complete with timer plug

Skeleton exterior clock with gold leafing

Skeleton Style clock with gold leaf detailing

Our Skelton Dials can have gold leaf detailing if required

  • Choice of one, two or all three chapter rings in gold

  • Just the numerals in gold

  • Hands in gold or with a simple gold pin stripe down the middle

  • All chapter rings, numerals and hands in gold

Skeleton exterior clock with centre star

Skeleton Style clock with centre star

Our Skeleton style clocks are also available with an additional centre star


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