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Each of our clock mechanisms / clock movements is produced using long lasting, virtually maintenance free materials such as Nylon, Brass and Stainless Steel. All mechanisms as standard have approximately 25mm of threaded shaft on the support tube.


Our mechanisms are supplied as standard to run directly off a standard 230v mains power supply and be manually adjusted or automatically adjusted if used in conjunction with one of our Resynchroniser clock controllers. 12v versions are also available and are ideally suited for projects outside of the UK as they are controlled by a 12v controller running off a 100-240v transformer.


Extended output shafts can be produced to allow for mechanisms to pass through walls. Mechanisms for larger outdoor clock features are produced to order. Slip rings for powering LED illuminated clock hands as well as torque limiters for Floral Clocks can also be provided.

We are able to modify our clock mechanisms to enable them to be used with your existing clock dials or hands too. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Clock Mechanisms and
Clock Movements
  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Designed to drive exposed hands on outdoor clocks

  • Range of mechanisms to drive clocks from 300mm diameter up to 2,400mm diameter

  • 230v mains powered as standard

  • 12v stepper version available

Drive Shafts

Our clock mechanism output shafts are designed with longevity in mind:

  • Brass support tube threaded for ease of fixing the clock mechanism to your clock dial

  • Nylon hour shaft acts as a bearing surface between itself, the support tube and the minute shaft

  • Minute shaft produced in Stainless Steel

  • Brass hand bosses are produced as snug fit to the hour and minute shafts, with side screws to secure them in place

Clock Gears

Our clock mechanism gears are machined in our in-house machine shop from Nylon bar:

  • Precision made

  • Hard wearing

  • Durable

  • Self lubricating

  • Virtually maintenance free 

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